Monument in the Sky

Monument in the Sky

Monument Rock
Monument Rock rises above the surrounding landscape.

This is Monument Rock for which the town of Monument, Colorado derives its name. There are many trails in and around the rock formation, but the main hiking trail is known as Monument Loop and is a fairly easy 2.5-mile stroll. The trail is located in the area of the Pike National Forest known as the Monument Preserve, often referred to as the Monument Fire Preserve due to the fact that the Monument Fire Center is located here.

The trailhead is located on the north side of Mt. Herman Road at the intersection of Schilling Avenue, which leads into the Fire Center and has restricted access. You can’t drive in, but you are welcome to hike the area. Once you are in the parking lot walk across the street to the south and enter into the Fire Center. The trail is just beyond the gate on the right side of the road.



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