Best Canadian Rockies Day Hikes – Top 40 Trails

The Best Canadian Rockies Day Hikes
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The Candian Rockies are a paradise for those who love to explore mountain landscapes. This stretch of jagged mountain range is full of glacial ice, turquoise-colored lakes, massive waterfalls, flower-covered meadows, and abundant wildlife. The best way to experience this vast wilderness playground is on foot. While we do recommend a few explorations of this beautiful country be done with a backpack full of camping gear and several days worth of supplies, there are many places in the Canadian Rockies that make for great day hikes. We’ve got you covered with the Top 40 best Canadian Rockies Day Hikes right here.

Planning Your Summer Hikes

Coronet Creek Trail
Jennifer near the terminus of the Coronet Creek Trail.

Start working on this year’s summer hiking itinerary now or, even better, get a jumpstart on next year as some of the best day hikes in the Canadian Rockies require a lot of planning to get the proper permits. Here is another resource for planning your adventure in the Canadian Rockies.

Top 40

Sulphur Skyline Summit
Jake stands on the Summit of the Sulphur Skyline Trail.
  1. Lake Agnes
  2. Yoho’s Natural Bridge
  3. Old Fort Point Loop
  4. Mistaya Canyon
  5. Valley of the Five Lakes
  6. Toe of the Athabasca Glacier
  7. Sunwapta Falls
  8. Athabasca Falls
  9. Tangle Creek Falls
  10. Edith Cavell Meadows
  11. Jasper Lake & Sand Dunes
  12. Lake McArthur
  13. Stanley Glacier
  14. Big Beehive Loop
  15. Sulphur Skyline
  16. Path of the Glacier
  17. Takakkaw Falls
  18. Cavell Lake
  19. Emerald Lake Loop Trail
  20. Consolation Lakes
  21. Opabin Plateau Circuit
  22. Beaver Boardwalk
  23. Lake Oesa
  24. Maligne Canyon
  25. Coronet Creek
  26. Plain of Six Glaciers
  27. Peyto Lake
  28. Kinney Lake
  29. Lake O’Hara Shoreline Loop
  30. Twin Falls Loop
  31. Linda Lake Loop
  32. Bear’s Hump
  33. Moraine Lake
  34. Iceline Loop
  35. Wilcox Pass
  36. Crypt Lake
  37. Parker Ridge
  38. Lake O’Hara Alpine Circuit
  39. Emperor Falls
  40. Kain Hut Trail

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