Bolivian Train

The freedom that a train provides doesn’t mean much to the average American because while much of our industry rides the rails, we do not. On many of my adventures around the world, the train has opened up locations on the globe that I couldn’t have afforded to travel to without this form of transit….

Cambodian Transit

It seems that most people who explore Angkor Wat rarely make it to the east gate, however, there is a small road access and it is worth a look. The temple complex is surrounded by a moat and walls. We only saw mopeds and bikes on this small road. To be fair, the moped and the tuk-tuk (motorcycle with…

Cherry Creek Bridge

This is a different angle of the Cherry Creek Bridge, looking back towards Castlewood Canyon. I took this image with my drone. It is strange to see this landscape from the air. It looks relatively flat, but when you are in the canyon it is anything but. Castlewood Canyon is a Colorado state park and…

Western Expansion

In 1869 the final train tracks were laid that connected the East and West Coasts of the United States. This was a monumental feat. It hastened the expansion west and linked our entire country together. A trip that had taken months by wagon and was fought with danger now only took a few days. The…

White Rim Traverse

This is a 100-mile section of White Rim Road, located on the White Rim Bench formation below the Island in the Sky district of Canyonlands National Park. The road was originally built for mining purposes, but today is a recreational 4×4 road with permit only access. I haven’t had the privilege of driving the road, but…

Golden Gate

The iconic Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. This is truly one of the great engineering feats of mankind and one of the most recognizable modern structures.

Cog of the Mountain

This is a view out the window of the world’s highest cog railway as we approach the top of Pikes Peak in Colorado. According to, the Pikes Peak Cog Railway has been taking passengers up “America’s Mountain” since 1891. The popularity of Pikes Peak in my opinion is a great example of amazing advertising. This…

The Road Home

If home is where your heart is, my home is in the mountains. My wife and I were actually headed home when we were blessed with this gorgeous sunset over part of Colorado’s Sawatch Range. The highest peak in the photo is Mt. Shavano, one of Colorado’s 14ers near Pancha Springs.

Winding Road

This small section of road in the Hunan Province of China has 99 bends in it. But don’t worry, it isn’t open to typical car traffic. You can only traverse this road on a Tianmen Mountain National Park bus. To even reach the bus, one must first ride the world’s longest cable car. It is from this vantage point…

Fall Bridge

This small bridge is a part of the Pikes Peak Greenway Trail in Colorado Springs, Colorado. This is a beautiful urban trail for most of the year, but the fall colors make it that much better.