Desert Penstemon

This is a delicate Desert Penstemon flower I found while out on the trail in the Indian Peak Wilderness in Colorado. Outside of Colorado, not too many people have heard of the Indian Peak Wilderness which borders Rocky Mountain National Park to the South. It is full of amazing and remote trails just like its…

A Crown Fit for a King

This gorgeous cluster of flowers is known as a King’s Crown. I love the way the tops of the green leaves curve over sheltering the crown of red blooms. A colorful crown fit for a king.

Corn Lily Bloom

I personally think Corn Lily leaves are really beautiful, but they are just large green leaves so they don’t add a lot of color to the world. The Corn Lily bloom of white flowers that grow on large central stocks are rather bland as well. I’ve spent many days on the trail walking past these…

Taupo Water Lily

I found this stunning water lily in a pond near the shore of Lake Taupo in the town of Taupo, New Zealand. I love the way that the white petals of the water lily pop against the dark green lily pad leaves and cold black water. These large flowers provide a smorgasbord of nectar for…

Four Pass Fireweed

Who knew that a weed could have such pretty blooms. The fireweed has some of my favorite wildflowers and they grow all over Colorado. I found this one while completing the Four Pass Loop near Aspen, Colorado. A Four Pass Fireweed.

Jatropha Tree Flower

Hey! Happy December everyone! I hope you all had a great and restful Thanksgiving holiday. Jennifer and I were actually traveling for the majority of the month. Not very restful, but we have had fun. I had a job event in Florida for a few weeks and then we remained in Florida to spend some…

Hong Kong’s Orchid

Hong Kong and the surrounding islands are very tropical and home to many beautiful species of flowers. This is the Orchid Bauhinia flower, which is represented on the flag of Hong Kong. It is the national flower of the region. My wife and I were only thereĀ for three days, but found this flower in abundance…

Yellow Flowers

It is amazing the way light and shadow can play out in a photo. These flowers are beautiful and yet light is what pulls focus and highlights the beauty.

Cactus Flower

This is a cactus flower. I took this in early June at Canyon Lands National Park. The cactus only blooms for a few weeks, but can paint a desert in yellow and red hues.

Arches Flower

Arches National Park’s rock formations are beautiful and well known, but the few flowers that grow in this desert climate can be as equally stunning.

San Fran’s Purple Flower

I took this image near the Golden Gate Bridge in San Fransisco. I had a layover on my way home from a trip to Asia. I used the layover as a chance to see the city. My time was limited and I rushed this shot (and many others) trying to see as much as I…